Tierras Altas Explorers

"We're not Lost, we're Exploring" 

Tierras Altas Explorers (formerly known as Wednesday Explorers) was started in January 2021. The idea was to hike and spend time with friends by exploring the Tierras Altas (Highlands) area of Panama. So far this is primarily in the Volcan, Paso Ancho & Cerro Punta areas. But we have been known to go as far as Boquete and Cuesta de Piedra. 

Typically we do 2 walks per week:

  • Wandering Wednesday on Wednesday Mornings and
  • Strolling Saturdays on Saturday Mornings

The number of intrepid explorers varies, but on average we have about 4 to 35 people (and some furry explorers too). 

WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is used to communicate the hikes and share content from the hikes.

We ended up creating 2 WhatsApp Groups for Tierras Altas Explorers. 

Tierras altas Explorer lighthouse

Notifications Central

This group was created to display hike notifications only and keep them "sticky" without being cluttered by other content.

  • Notifications about hikes
  • Read only

Tierras altas explorer campfire

Social Central

This group is open to anyone to share photos & hike experiences. 'The hike notifications are also posted here and explorers use this group to "sign up" to hikes and request rides.

  • Notifications about hikes
  • Explorers "sign up" for hikes and request rides
  • Explorers share hike photos and experiences
  • Any hike summaries are also shared with everyone here