Shortly after starting the hiking group, the explorers wanted a better idea of how hard or easy a hike was. So we came up with a difficulty rating scale of 1 through 5.

The following are the factors taken into account to rate the hikes along with the levels or ratings themselves.

Rating Factors

  1. Length.
  2. Steepness.
  3. Potential for disorientation / getting lost.
  4. Footing- rocks, slip.
  5. Cliffs or other hazards.
  6. Water crossing / mud crossings.
  7. Handhold climbing - all 4’s etc…

Levels / Ratings

  1. Photographers / Strollers - Start - stop no challenges
  2. Strollers - easy need good balance and strength
  3. Strong Hikers - aerobic fitness, longer duration, multiple challenges within hike
  4. Advanced Hikers - prolonged vigorous demands, aerobic endurance, agility, good balance and sure footedness.
  5. Extreme Hikers - extreme duration, challenge, with often overt danger potential.

Thanks Susan and Pete