Initially, there was only 1 WhatsApp Group: Wednesday Explorers. I posted all hikes there and everyone shared their photos and experiences there. Some people loved it and some people were not so crazy about it. 

A couple of challenges were brought to my attention: 

  1. Just after hikes, when people share their photos, there could be over 50 messages in a day. 
  2. The new hike notifications were being lost after so many posts were happening. And I ended up have to repeat the notifications multiple times.
  3. Some explorer's have older phones and their space was being challenged with so many messages forcing them to remove content. 

So, after some debate backwards and forth, I decided to create 2 WhatsApp Groups.

  • The Original Wednesday Explorer group was renamed to the Wednesday Explorers Campfire to reflect the fact that it is the Social Hub for sharing.
  • A new read only group called the Wednesday Explorers Lighthouse was created to post the notifications for the hikes. This acts as the Notification Hub.

All explorers are added to both groups. If the Campfire proves to be challenge, they can remove themselves from the group. They will still be notified of all the hikes in the Lighthouse. So far, this seems to be working out.